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Minstrel Cycle

Our Story

Morgan, Dave, Brandon, Taylor, Thomas and Kyle all trace their roots back to Bonnyville, AB. In October of 2015, Dave was online listening to an interview of a band that he liked, and thought to himself "This is terrible. I can do a better job than this". He called up Morgan to ask if he knew anything about setting up a podcast and although he had zero experience in the podcasting world, he had the gear, the skills and the spare time, so he jumped at the opportunity. After a few weeks of planning, the shows basics were roughly hammered out and the first interview was booked. Brandon was brought in to help with the planning, and after a couple of episodes, Taylor and Thomas joined in to shoot the shit and do album reviews. At the beginning of 2017, Dave and Morgan wanted to pump out content more steadily, so they started the Weekly Porgram of the Week with the help of Kyle. What does the future hold for these guys? Who the fuck knows, but it will be a lot of fun finding out.